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The 1st Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals (ACLC2012) will be held on December 16(Sun)-18(Tue), 2012 at Fuji Calm, Fuji-Yoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. Organized by the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society (JLCS).

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Oct 1 Open Call for Papers
Oct 17 Conference Registration Opens
Nov 7 Call for Papers Closes
Nov 7 Early Bird Registration Closes
Nov 30 On-line Registration Closes
Dec 16-18 Conference

Fuji Calm (venue)
Organized by JLCS.
In Cooperation with the Society for Information Display, Japan Chapter, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers,the Society of Polymer Science, Japan, the Chemical Society of Japan, and the Physical Society of Japan, .
Sponsors: DIC Corp., JNC Corp., JSR Corp., Merck Ltd., NISSAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD.

Latest News

Welcome to the Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals

  On behalf of LC scientists and engineers in Japan, I am pleased to announce the first Asian conference on Liquid Crystals. As we all know, most of Liquid Crystal displays have been produced in Asia. In addition, a variety of breakthroughs in LC science have also emerged from Asia. In such circumstances, it is surely a good idea to strengthen our partnership to further develop science and application of LCs toward our bright future.
  Based on such consideration, we decided to organize this conference. We sincerely welcome all of you to Fuji-Yoshida, Japan.

Hideo Takezoe, Chair of ACLC2012

Greetings on behalf of the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society

  It is my great pleasure to inform you about the 1st Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals. The conference covers wide research fields from traditional topics to modern science and technology of liquid crystals.
  I am looking forwards to seeing you at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan on coming December.

Naotake Nakamura, Co-chair of ACLC2012

Aim & Scope

  In the first decade of this century, we have seen a variety of new aspects emerging in liquid crystal studies, particularly with nanotechnology evolutions. In these new fields of liquid crystal studies, we can find a lot is growing in Asia. Nowadays, it is getting more important to promote our partnership and a conference where people can share the time and space together to make something fruitful.
  In order to attain this aim, latest results in research are presented by oral and poster presentations for the topics of science and technology shown in "Topics" page.


  The official language of the conference is English.

Date & Venue

  • December 16(Sun.)-18(Tue.), 2012
  • Seminer House "Fuji Calm"
    • 1400, Araya, Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi 403-0006, Japan
    • Tel: +81-555-22-5156, Fax: +81-555-23-7988

Mt. Fuji
The picture of Mt. Fuji as shown above was taken by The Chair, Hideo Takezoe on one peaceful day in the end of November, when he stayed at Fuji Calm on the occasion of Tokyo Tech's student training camp.

Poster Award for young researcher

  The Best Poster Awards will be given for the best poster presentations at the conference for young researchers (students or postdoctoral). Applicants should be marked entry for poster award at the abstract submission form. The decision will be made by a board of referees and the awards be presented at the end of the conference.

ACLC2012 Poster Award Winners

Number Name Affiliation Title of presentation
PP-01 Hiroya Nishikawa Kyushu University, Japan Synthesis of Chiral Dopants having Anthracene Moiety to Control Phase Transition Behavior of Chiral Liquid Crystals by External Stimuli
PP-07 Lingfeng GUO Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Polar Orthogonal Bent-core Liquid Crystal Phase Stabilized by Siloxane Terminals
PP-10 Daisuke Tanaka Ryukoku University, Japan Phase Transition Behavior of Triphenylene Homologues between Smectic and Columnar Phases with Change of Molecular Shapes
PP-16 Sun-Wook Choi Pusan National University, Korea Fast switching of a FFS cell by using the protrusion structure
PP-17 Dae Seok Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Head-length dependent thermal morphological behavior of smectic A phase
PP-26 Hiroki Tone Osaka University, Japan Polymer-Stabilization of a Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Deformed by Electrostriction
PP-55 Noraini Ahmad University of Malaya, Malaysia Liquid Crystalline Phase Behaviour of Nature-mimic Branched-chain Glycosides
PP-58 Vijay Kumar Baliyan Chonbuk National University, Korea Spatially periodic nematic liquid crystal as a medium of chemical reaction
PP-71 Min-Jun Gim Kyung Hee University, Korea Electro-optical performance of cubic blue phase in a photo-responsive bent-core molecular system


  For further information, please contact the 1st ACLC secretariat.
  • ACLC 2012 Secretariat
  •   Synthetic Nano-Function Group, UBIQEN, AIST
  •   AIST-Kansai, 1-8-31 Midorigaoka, Ikeda, Osaka 563-8577, JAPAN
  • email:

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